01Grounding system of PV power station

With more and more severe environment and energy reduction gradually , solar power generation as a new energy, with its advantage of being inexhaustible in supply and always available for use, and do not pollute the environment, is more and more used in our production and life.     

02Grounding system of Solar-thermal power stations

The heat generated by the solar energy is led into conventional power plant,to realize solar assisted coal-fired power generation. It opens up a new way for energy saving.Grounding system is also an indispensable part in the process of building thermal power plant.    

03Grounding system of Wind power station

Wind power generation is clean without environmental pollution and waste of resources and accord with the principle of sustainable development. But because of the location of relatively good wind resources and open, so the probability of being struck by lightning is relatively high. Therefore, grounding and lightning protection is an indispensable electrical safety technology in the power system.It affects the normal operation of the power system and the safety of electrical equipment and personal property.     

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